Tips to make an O&G pro’s travel easier
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Tips to make an O&G pro's travel easier


In general, a career in oil and gas demands frequent travel, particularly for the offshore professionals who travel considerable distances when going to and fro their hitch.

Since travelling is an inseparable part for most oil and gas professionals, and also a detested one (more so if you are heading to work after that sweet time off), we have compiled a few tricks and tips for you to make your travel more convenient and hassle free.

1. Scan your important documents
This one is probably the most important one for an O&G pro, particularly the offshore folks. Travelling to new countries involves various kinds of documentation, more so when it is work related. To save yourself from a nightmarish situation in case you lose or misplace your stuff, (happens more in remote underdeveloped places), scan or take a picture of all your documents. Keep these pictures in your phone and also keep them on the cloud or email them to yourself. They'll be your knight in shining armour in worst case scenarios.

2. Keep a go-bag of essential things
This is especially for our offshore travellers who live out of the suitcase. Frequent fliers should keep aside a go-bag of necessities and toiletries in travel size containers. This will ease and speed up your packing and also save you from getting in that difficult situation if you forget anything important.

3. Instead of folding, roll your clothes
You'll see this as the No.1 tip by all the travel experts. When packing your clothes roll them up, as this not only saves a lot of space in your bag but also avoid wrinkles.

4. Put small items in shoes
Things like handkerchiefs, small face tissue packets, underwear and socks can be easily stored in the shoes. This will use the otherwise redundant space and give you more room. Additionally, there is usually some usable space in the corners of the suitcase that can be used for the wee items.

5. Stick in a dryer sheet
Keep a dryer sheet in your bag/suitcase. This will make your clothes moisture free and also keep them smelling fresh by soaking in the foul odour.

6. Glass cases for your chargers and headphones
You can safely store your chargers and earphones in the glass cases. They come very handy, in not only protecting them in the luggage, but also when you have to dig them out.

7. Binder clip for hassle free headphone use and protecting your razor
For a tangle-free use of headphones during your travel, consider wrapping them around a binder clip. Then you can just clip it to your shirt or to the strap of your bag, to use it effortlessly- without having to look through and excavate it out of your bag, every time you need it. Also, clipping the binder clip at the head of the razor prevents it from being damaged.

8. Belts for the collar line
The collar line of the shirt may look like a soiled tissue paper, when you pull it out of your bag for putting it on. And then having to iron it when you have to report to the rig or for that meeting is an added jeopardy. Consider placing a belt folded in spherical shape in the collar line. This will keep it as intact as your last put it in the bag.

9. Keep an empty water bottle
Keep an empty water bottle with you and fill it up with water after passing the security. This way you won't have to buy water from the airport and can drink water in the plane as per your liking without having to rely on the airline, which could be averse to your preference at times.

10. Plastic bag for your entertainment needs
If case your plane seat doesn't have a TV, use your phone for the purpose to while away the travel time. Simply keep your phone in a transparent plastic or a zip lock bag and attach it to the latch of the tray table. Poke a small hole on the side or keep the open end of the bag sideways to allow the headphones to pass through. Your hands-free entertainment now begins. Moreover, placing the phone in a plastic bag also helps protecting it from the sand when you are on a beach.

11. The fragile saves it all
If you wish to have your baggage handled appropriately and not have damage to your luggage., just mark it up as fragile. Your baggage is stored at the top in the plane and due to this your baggage comes out first onto the conveyor belt. It's simply a win-win!

12. Plain pain saving tip- use washroom on the plane
Use the washroom in the plane about 20 minutes prior to the landing. In general, when the seatbelt sign lights up, you still have about 15 minutes before you actually need to be seated. Use this time to relieve yourself to save yourself from all that jostle outside the restrooms upon landing.

13. Request for a seat near the wings
If you are on a seat near the wings of the plane, it helps with the turbulence.

14. Use Google maps offline
When you have the internet, simply type "OK MAPS" and the area you have on the screen will be saved for the future access as well. So in any event, if you should need a google map, you can use it offline in those dead zones too.

Though a tire-free travel cannot be promised, these hacks will certainly make your travel more organized, easier and convenient.