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Basic Job Function:

To operate a full range of open and casing hole fishing tools, maintain equipment and assist customer with well problems and planning.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Operation down hole tools and fishing equipment at customer job site.

2. Dispatching preparation and maintenance of down hole tools and fishing equipment insuring they are maintained and inspected to relevant standards and fit for purpose.

3. Liaise with customer and drilling crew on trouble shooting and job planning to insure effective solution are recognized and carried out.

4. Complete appropriate job reports and other relevant paper work and insure it is filed and distributed accordingly.

5. Attending customer meetings as required. Monthly reports as designated are delivered on time.

6. Write specific job procedures as required.

7. Provide technical support to the offshore and onshore personnel regarding equipment requirements.

8. Ensure field performance, service quality and meeting the customer’s requirements in our operations are achieved in accordance with approved industry standards, quality procedures and within industry safety guidelines.

Minimum Qualifications: University Graduation

Years of Exp : 4 - 8 years fishing experience

Required Skills : Communication skills and planning skills. Fluent English. Able to work in a multi-national and multi-cultural environment

Required Knowledge : Extensive fishing equipment, product & computer knowledge