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Energy Explorers Search Pakistani 'Wild Cat Areas' as Fields Dry

07-Aug-2017 | Bloomberg

Shell and BP’s commitment to North Sea oil ‘rock solid’

07-Aug-2017 | Financial Times

Big Oil's Dream of $65 Billion Hidden Off Norway Is Fading Away

07-Aug-2017 | Bloomberg

Saudi Oil Minister Met With Top Commodity Hedge Funds

06-Aug-2017 | Bloomberg

As Venezuela Spirals, U.S. Oil Confronts a $10 Billion Threat

06-Aug-2017 | Bloomberg

U.S. shale oil producers cannot shake impulse to keep pumping

06-Aug-2017 | Reuters

Oil could see downward correction in next quarter, Barclays says

05-Aug-2017 | CNBC

HPCL aims to buy U.S. oil in next few months

05-Aug-2017 | Reuters

Oil majors gushing in cash despite cheap crude

03-Aug-2017 | Business Standard

Indian Oil, partners look for cheaper site for Pacific NorthWest LNG terminal

03-Aug-2017 | Reuters

Philippine PXP Energy eager to resume South China Sea drilling

03-Aug-2017 | Reuters